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Update by user Jun 06, 2018

Conclusion: I would like a $600 refund for the tires, $400 for the damaged rim, $200 for the installation and balance.

Original review posted by user Jun 06, 2018

I purchased 4 new tires 11/2017 but didn't install them until 3/18. 4/18 I was out for a casual drive when the front tire blew out.

I first thought I may have run over something in the road. After pulling over I noticed how the tire literally shredded around the rim, which unfortunately were damaged as well. I noticed the date stamp on the tire was 3/12. I checked the other 3 tires and they had the same date stamp.

As an automotive technology student, I know it's against the law to sell tires as "new" that are more than 5 years old. I won't drive long distance and avoid highways for fear I may have another blow out and possibly lose control of my vehicle. I'm not able to afford more new tires since as a "poor" college student, another $600 is hard to save up. I contacted Simple Tire (twice between 4/18 and the end of 5/18) with my complaint and was told they would look into it.

Its been 2 months and I have not heard back from them. I would like all four tires replaced or a refund of my money so that I can purchase "new" tires from an honest replicable company.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Poor customer service, Quality of product poor, Old product sold as new, Difficult to contact directly only email.

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Actually Efficacious it does rubber has a shelf life and degrades over time, even just by sitting on the shelf...how do I know this you might ask, because I work in the rubber business.


to OP:Check another recent post from another of Simple Tire about receiving a 6 year old tires. That Customer shipped back the tires.

This guy EfficaciousCarp is a fraud and is an employee of Simple Tire. Notice how he just opened an account yesterday and started to bash all reviewers and try to discredit them.Do more research and among and reference the findings of studies to get your money back. To name a few, below are quotes from various publications:1) Modern Tire Dealer.com: “Both General Motors and Chrysler have specific guidelines in their owners manuals cautioning against tires that are beyond six years old. In addition, Bridgestone, Michelin and Continental all have similar advisories.”2) Channel 5: "tires more than six years old were involved in 252 incidents, 233 fatalities and 300 injuries over the last 20 years.

Kane supplied the statistics."3) http://ammonslaw.com/publications/danger-of-aging-tires/ " Tire manufacturers have long known that tires more than six years old, regardless of tread depth, pose a substantial safety hazard to consumers. Tire age degradationhas been an “open secret” within the industry, but the public has only recently started to take notice as the number of crashes caused by “aged” tires has grown.

Prompted by consumer advocates and a growing body of research on the effects of tire aging, the government and manufacturers are beginning to address the issue"There are more studies out there and publications about 5 year old tires. Good luck!!

to Car Guy #1501499
Thank you for your input and valuable information. I have attempted two more times to contact them regarding my tires via email and even called them on the number below (888) 410-0604, but was placed on eternal hold.

When I called, I initially received a message that my call would be answered in 30 minutes. However, after holding on the phone for 25 minutes I received a message that my call would be answered in 25 minutes. Their sympathetic message below is only to give an impression that they want to appease the consumer. But it's a ploy to protect their reputation.

Having one of their employees reply to my post in an attempt to discredit my claim shows how low they will go to cover their shady practices or provide quality customer service.

I'll make one attempt before filing a complaint with the better business bureau and maybe the consumer protection agency. Thanks again!

Purchasing a tire that is 5 years old has nothing to do with how your tire 'shredded' if the tire was warehouse kept the tire being 5 years old has nothing to do with tire shredding.

SimpleTire Verified Representative

I'm sorry you received tires of this age from us and that we weren't more helpful when you contacted us. I'd like to review your order and see what we can do to help make this right.

I know emailing has been a hassle so if you'd like to give us a call, we can be reached at 888-410-0604. My apologies again.

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